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Stress Inoculation

How to be happy and stress-free, fast!

Stress management training course

We are stress specialists.  This exceptional, unique and fun two-day workshop is the ultimate stress elimination education.

Forget old fashioned stress management — try stress inoculation!

Who should take this 2-day course?

Anyone who is feeling stressed or anxious about work or life in general, and wants the skills to feel calmer and happier, despite the madness.

In a study of almost 6000 middle-aged people, those with the highest emotional / psychological self-regulation abilities were 50 times[!] as likely to be alive and without chronic illness 15 years later than those with the lowest self-regulation scores.

Grossarth-Maticek & Eysenck.  Self-regulation & mortality from cancer, coronary heart disease & other causes.  Personality & Individual Differences 19(6):781-795.

What will you learn in the Stress Inoculation course?

What the stress response is all about and how to control it

Lots of techniques for preventing stress

Nutrichology — how to use diet to calm your nervous system

The perfectionism cure

How to sleep well when you've got a lot on your plate

 …and lots, lots more.

At the end of the Stress Inoculation course you will know how to…

Stay much calmer, for much longer, in far more situations

Feel generally happier, even when the world is not complying with your wishes

Calm yourself down quickly and cheer yourself up after stressful events

Sleep better almost all the time

Get more things done and feel better about doing them

Be a calming influence on others at work and at home

How can you enrol?

Stress Inoculation courses are usually run in-house.  You will need to gather six or more people together in order to book the training, though sometimes a smaller number may be able to tag along with a group from another organisation, so it's always worth asking.  Please contact us.

Alternatively, you can book private Executive Stress Coaching at any time, tailored to your personal needs.  Just give us a call.

How much does stress cost?

The effects of stress have been estimated to cost Australian businesses more than AU$25 billion per year in absenteeism, lateness, burnout, reduced performance, job turnover and worker's compensation.

American data put the total price of stress at more than 10 times the cost of all annual strikes, or equal to the combined annual profits of the Fortune 500 companies.