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Pre-employment Testing

Psychological assessment — maximising returns on recruitment

Psychological assessment service for recruitment

We are pre-employment testing specialists.  Choosing us guarantees that you'll be in good hands.

You'll receive skilfully gathered, objectively interpreted data about your candidates, linked precisely to role requirements.

As gamblers, employers and bankers know, even marginal differences in rates of return will yield big gains — or losses — over time.

Linda Gottfredson, The General Intelligence Factor, Scientific American Vol9#4

Who should use this service?

Leaders recruiting for senior and business-critical roles, who want to make excellent long-term hiring decisions.

What will you get from us?

Full service management of the assessment process by a senior, highly trained psychometric specialist.

Top quality tests, questionnaires and exercises, selected for accuracy and job-relevance.

Balanced and precise information about your candidates' role suitability.

Practical guidance for managing, developing, motivating and retaining each unique individual.

Performance went from 3–4 to 8–9.  The principal improvement was cognition — being able to quickly understand an issue.

Without any doubt, the testing helped manage the recruitment risk.  Quote me by all means.  I am quite certain of the benefits.

Glen Laslett, Audit Director, Royal & SunAlliance

Which tools do we use?

SHL ability tests

Qualia Personality

Tailor-made simulation exercises

Other quality psychometrics, as required

How can you get started?

Give us a call to discuss your assessment needs.

Applying for a job?

If you've been asked to undertake psychological testing, find out what's in store for you…

A Guide For Job Applicants