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Qualia Personality

Exceptional psychometrics for human resources

Qualia Personality Questionnaire for HR | Insight Initiatives psychologists

Qualia Personality is a sophisticated occupational personality questionnaire.

It provides a comprehensive yet easy to understand description of an individual in a work context.

Who should use Qualia Personality?

Qualia is intended for professional use by Organisational Psychologists, human resources practitioners, executive coaches, recruitment professionals and career guidance counsellors, to inform…

recruitment decisions

learning and development

management and retention

team construction

culture change

career choice

What will you get?

Contemporary design

Designed by leading experts, Qualia has over a decade of research and development behind it.  Its unique nipsative question format and British standard statistical trialling offer superior accuracy over other tools.

It's written in culturally neutralised English so you can use it internationally wherever first or second language English is spoken, including the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Qualia has 87 question clusters accommodating 261 sub-questions.  It takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Love the format — easy to read… More comprehensive than the 16PF, less jargony than the MBTI … Head and shoulders above DISC.  A very practical, useful tool.

Andrew McColl, Mercer Human Resources Consultants (WM Mercer)

User-friendly results

Results are displayed as peer-group comparisons so you can see your staff or clients' traits relative to what is normal for other working people.

It also offers an optional Problem Predictor that assists with pre-screening job candidates for derailment behaviours such as bullying, volatility, unreliability, passivity and resistance to change.

Excellent, thank you very much.  Having done some similar things in the past, I can say that it's a good reflection…  Crucially, the presentation of results is the best I've seen.

Thomas Fuller, JP Morgan, London, United Kingdom


Qualia does not put people in boxes.  It gives you a very individualised profile of 29 personality traits, providing rich insight into each individual's…

Thinking style

Interpersonal style

Drivers and motivations


Emotional style

This is what the individual Self-report and 360-degree profile charts look like…

Qualia Self-report Personality  View a sample report

Qualia 360 Degree Personality  View a sample report

[Qualia] is the best tool available for building self-awareness and getting behavioural change.  I dedicated the whole of last year to researching these tools, to find the best one.  This was the winner.

Ross McLelland, Managing Director, Pacific Consulting

Competency sets

Qualia also calculates competencies.  It offers six superbly designed, easy to understand competency sets plus options for measuring your own in-house competencies…

Leadership Styles — styles of leadership a person is most likely to adopt.  View a sample report

Team Styles — roles that a person is most likely to naturally adopt in a team.  View a sample report

Meeting Styles — how a person is likely to behave in group discussions.  View a sample report

Reporting Styles — how a person is likely to relate with their boss.  View a sample report

Sales & Service Styles — approaches that a person is likely to take to selling and managing customer relationships.  View a sample report

Problem Predictor — ‘red flags’ that reveal potentially disruptive behaviours.

Custom — your own competencies displayed on a customised Qualia report.

I am extremely impressed with the depth of [Qualia].  It doesn't pigeon-hole people but creates a truly comprehensive profile of an individual.  Nonetheless it's surprisingly clear and very easy to understand.

It's particularly great for its ability to clarify areas for personal development.  I’m amazed at the Interpretation Guide.  It’s all exceedingly well put together.

Phillip Allison, MD, Corporate Edge Consultants

Simple pricing

There are zero upfront costs to access Qualia and no license fees.  You pay only for what you use.

How can you get started?

We will do everything for you.  Just tell us who you want profiled and we'll take it from there.  Contact us about your needs.

Or if you are an Occupational Psychologist or other human resources specialist and would like to use Qualia independently, you may do so after attending one of the excellent Occupational Personality Profiling training courses.

What does Qualia mean?

Qualia is a collective noun meaning the essential properties or qualities of a thing, such as sweetness or bitterness.

It's pronounced KWAH-lee-uh or kwä'lē-ə.

Qualia Personality is a trademark of Insight Initiatives Pty Ltd.  The current and in-development suite of Qualia tools includes:  Qualia Personality, Qualia Performance 360, Qualia QI, Qualia Climate, Qualia Acumen and Qualia Last Word.