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Executive, career and outplacement coaching via video

CoachCam: Remote executive coaching via video

CoachCam is an online video-based coaching service via a fast and free Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Microsoft Teams connection.

It enables you or your staff to be supported by your preferred executive coach, without the expense of transporting and accommodating personnel.

Who should use this service?

Leaders or private individuals who would like to make use of Insight Matters' career, executive coaching or outplacement programs but are located too far from Northern Sydney to easily attend in person.

What will you get?

The same service as our in-person coaching programs, via video.

How to make a CoachCam appointment

Ensure that you have a Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Microsoft Teams account (they're free!), a web camera and an internet connection.

Contact us to schedule your first session.

That's it.  We will email you any further details you need.  Then your coach will call you via your preferred method at the agreed time.

Which services are available via CoachCam?
Executive coaching Career and Outplacement Coaching