Insight Matters

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About Us

Who are Insight Matters?

About Insight Matters

Headquartered in cosmopolitan Sydney, Australia, Insight Matters is a boutique organisational psychology, executive coaching and human resources consultancy.

We have been assisting Australian and international businesses with enhancing human performance and culture since 2000.

Core expertise

Psychometrics for recruitment and development

Executive and career coaching

De-stressing teams and individuals

Improving work cultures

When should you talk to us?

Talk to us when you want to…

Recruit highly competent candidates for senior roles

Enhance the performance of executives or professional staff

Resolve cultural or individual behavioural problems

Reduce work stress for individuals, teams or yourself

Assist senior personnel with transitioning out of your business

Learn how to utilise professional grade personality profiling

Learn how to coach and develop staff

Why choose us?

Choose us if you value…

High technical competence in psychometrics for HR, executive coaching and people problem-solving

Keeping things simple

Determination to achieve tangible, quality outcomes — never just going through the motions

Working with pleasant, high integrity people

Could it be a match?  Then give us a call.

Who has already chosen us?