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Outplacement & Career Coaching

Career transitioning support for professional people

Outplacement and career coaching

We offer a uniquely powerful blend of coaching and psychology, to guide senior personnel to their next career destination.

Whether the change is imposed by self or circumstance, proper support makes it a lot smoother.

Who should use this service?

Anyone who requires, for themselves or their senior team, highly effective career guidance or outplacement programs delivered in a respectful coaching style.

What will you get from us?

Long gone are the days of needing to borrow a computer or have someone type up a resume, so this service does not emphasise secretarial support.  Instead we tailor a practical and personal coaching program for each participant. 

For example, here are the six things our clients most commonly ask us for…

Help with deciding what to do next

A ‘how to’ guide for identifying job opportunities

Guidance with writing a resume for persuasive impact

Help with succeeding over other candidates when applying for roles

Practice with interview techniques, confidence-building, and answering tricky questions

Resolution of anger or stress following a negative employment experience

You are certain to find a program that meets your needs at Insight Matters.  We offer short economy programs through to full executive transition support.

How can you get started?

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Service locations

At our Sydney offices in Crows Nest or Avalon Beach

Anywhere in the world via CoachCam