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Culture Change

Creating a brighter, more proactive work culture

Organisational culture change

Creating an upbeat, productive team culture is not difficult if you get a few key things right.

We can help you to make this happen, using a blend of recruitment, coaching and training interventions.

Who should use this service?

Leaders who find themselves with a slow-moving or otherwise under-performing team, and want more energy, proactivity or quality work from them.

What will you get from us?

Analysis of the situation:  How did your team get to be this way?

Clarification of what you want:  This could be a mission statement, job or team competencies, scores on a culture chart, or just a conversation with you.

Solution design:  Recruitment protocols that identify staff to build the culture you want, or coaching of your current team, or team workshops — or a blend.

Implementation:  We'll provide highly skilled pre-employment profiling, coaching services, and/or workshop design and delivery.

Ongoing support:  We'll hand-hold you through these changes as much, or as little, as you feel you need.

How can you get started?

Please contact us to discuss your needs.