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Occupational personality questionnaire training course

We offer excellent short training courses in personality psychometrics for Organisational Psychologists, executive coaches, recruiters, trainers, career advisors and human resources specialists.

Workshops utilise the exceptional Qualia Personality and are highly interactive and enjoyable.

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Who should take these courses?

  • Industrial/Organisational Psychologists, human resources experts and recruitment professionals who want to understand personality and use these insights to improve recruitment decisions.
  • Industrial/Organisational Psychologists, executive coaches and career guidance counsellors who want to offer clients deeper insight for their professional development or career coaching.

What will you learn in Level 1 — Recruiter Camp?

Two day course

This is the course to take if you will be using Qualia Personality (or other tools) to inform selection decisions.  You will learn…

  • All about your own personality at work
  • The essentials of using diagnostic tools in recruitment
  • The difference between personality and aptitude
  • Basic psychometrics — do's and don'ts
  • How to assess the quality of personality questionnaires and tests
  • What concepts like reliability and validity mean, and why they are important
  • How to administer personality questionnaires to job candidates
  • How to make links between personality traits and specific job requirements
  • How to utilise test results to assist recruitment decisions
  • The most common derailment profiles — personality traits which predict failure
  • How to manage profiling in multi-cultural organisations
  • How to give people feedback on their results, verbally and in writing

At the end of the Recruiter Camp course you will be able to…

  • Know what you are talking about and hold your own in HR meetings
  • Analyse people's personality profiles in the context of their job
  • Make recruitment decisions informed by personality data, for any job
  • Give constructive, insightful feedback to staff about their personality

What will you learn in Level 2 — People Specialist?

Three day course

This is the course to take if you will be using Qualia Personality (or other tools) to help guide people's professional development or career direction.  You will learn everything in the Level 1 course above, plus how to…

  • diagnose what's causing a person to under-perform at work
  • conduct an insight-based coaching session
  • implement 360-degree profiling in an organisation so it will be well received
  • give 360-degree feedback, in-person and in-writing
  • guide behavioural change based on personality insights
  • build a team that complements each other — Team Types

At the end of the People Specialist course you will be able to…

  • Understand behaviour-based performance problems and how to improve them
  • Implement 360-degree profiling in a positive way
  • Run one-on-one coaching sessions confidently, adding unambiguous value to staff or clients
  • Leverage individual differences to build and motivate high-functioning teams

What will you learn in the Qualia Upgrade course?

One day workshop

This course is your fast track to using Qualia Personality independently.  You will learn…

  • All about Qualia scales
  • Qualia standards and ground rules
  • All about your own Qualia personality results
  • How to interpret Qualia profiles
  • All about Qualia's Team Types and Competency Sets

At the end of the Qualia Upgrade course you will be able to use Qualia independently in the contexts for which you have been trained, such as recruitment or development.

Enrolment in Qualia Upgrade requires you to have prior training in the use of occupational psychometrics, such as The British Psychological Society's Level B or Saville & Holdsworth's Occupational Personality Questionnaire qualifications.

If you have not completed these courses, don't worry — just enrol in our Level 1 or Level 2 courses above, instead of Qualia Upgrade.

How can you enrol?

Qualia courses are usually run in-house.  You will need to gather six or more people together in order to book the training — or sometimes a smaller number may be able to tag along with a group from another organisation, so it's always worth asking.  Please email us.

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