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Coaching Skills for Leaders

How to coach and develop staff

Staff Coaching Skills for Managers

This excellent workshop teaches you the core methodology of executive coaching.

You'll learn how to apply it with your staff and colleagues, or your coaching and mentoring clients.

Who should take this 1-day workshop?

Managers and supervisors who wish to have a powerful positive impact on their team by driving their development in a highly effective, constructive way.

Psychologists and soon-to-be executive coaches who want a simple, powerful technique for assisting others' insight, learning and problem-solving.

What will you learn in the Coaching Skills for Leaders workshop?

The essentials of executive coaching, as advocated by Sir John Whitmore's Performance Consultants, the British originators of business coaching.

How to ramp up the development of your staff to a whole new level, while being liked and appreciated for your contribution instead of feared or avoided.

How to assist others' problem-solving, no matter the topic — even when you know nothing at all about the subject matter.

How can you enrol?

Coaching skills courses are usually run in-house.  You will need to gather six or more people together in order to book the training — or sometimes a smaller number may be able to tag along with a group from another organisation, so it's always worth asking.  Please contact us.

Want to experience coaching yourself?
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